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Hi, I am Fanny


And I am a graduating student at University of west London. My degree is BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. I did two years at Kristiania University College in Norway, and completed my degree with the last two semesters at UWL in London. My work is has broad variety, consisting of web design, illustrations, branding, prints, some motion and campaigns. I have a particular interest and curiosity in interactive development, like ux/ui design.

What I like the most about graphic design is that it is always evolving. I will never be fully educated, and there will always be new things to learn and explore. Design is a powerful interaction tool, and I believe I have a good understanding on how to use it. 

Graphic design

Concept developing

Interaction Design

Photo editing


University of West London (2020-2021)

BA – Hons Graphic design  (1 year – exchange)


Kristiania University College (2018-2020)

Graphic design  (2 years)


Drømtorp Upper secondary school.

Media and communication  (3 years)


Instabank (2019-2021)

Project based Graphic designer (2 years)