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Branding & UX/UI


This is a clothing brand denying you non ethical – and non sustainable purchases.

I want to create a brand that offers full transparency. By giving the costumer all the information they need to make a sustainable, and ethical purchase. 

You can go to a website and design your perfect item, to your exact needs and style. You can customize your item by choosing your own measurements, garment, fabric, color/pattern and hardware.

Choose the garment that matches your style and needs.

It looks like Ella isn’t very pleased with your choice of fabric.

Create your own blend of fabric. Beware, poorly choices can have consequences for more than just the planet.

Are you a bold or a neutral person? You can choose between several different colors and patterns. We got you covered.

I told you poorly choices could have consequences. Your item is way to harmful for the environment. We won’t make it for you. Try again..